Deanna Glick

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Personal Information

First Name
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My job at K12 is:
Senior Writer & Editor
My family is comprised of:
My daughter, born in 2005, who reminds many people of the infamous Punky Brewster, and a rescued pug named Peanut.
I am passionate about my job:

Because I love hearing and telling stories. And stories can change the world.

My educational background includes

A B.A. from California State University, Fullerton and daily conversations with my daughter.

My professional background includes

Experience across a range of media communications, from print journalism, blogging and web site content to marketing, public relations and social media management. She has worked for numerous daily newspapers in California, nonprofit organizations, various national magazines and AOL.

On weekends I like to

Spend time outside if weather permits. Enjoy new experiences with my daughter. Eat good food and listen to live music.

Other sites and blogs I follow include

My favorite food is
Anything spicy
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I blog or participate on other folks' blogs because
See “I am passionate about my job” above...