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My job at K12 is:
Online Community Manager
I have worked here for
May 2010
My family is comprised of:
My gorgeous mother, Sheri, my brilliant brother, Wil (yes, with one L), who is a Junior at VA Tech, my handyman dad, Harold, and my loveable Golden Lab, Madison.
I am passionate about my job:

After graduating college in May 2010, I interned with the Marketing Events line of business at K12 Inc., and moved into Social Media for a full-time position in October 2010. My role not only allows me to connect with the K12 families on both personal and support levels, but I also get the chance to use modern social media tools that I am able to have fun with and add value for K12 and its families.

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My educational background includes

B.S. in Marketing with a minor in Tourism and Events Management from George Mason University

My professional background includes

Internships with Nordstrom and Naked Juice allowed me to discover my passion of people and social media, although retail proved to be more costly than expected, and tested my self-control to the utmost. At K12, I have been able to work with a multitude of marketing departments and appreciate what it takes to operate in a corporate setting. I am so lucky to be able to look forward to coming to work to be with a great team and a job I am passionate about.

On weekends I like to

Craft! From making anything from a card to a headboard, I love all things DIY. I like to try at least one new recipe a week to build my ‘homemaking’ resume. I volunteer at my local animal shelter, and coach an association cheerleading squad for girls ages 5-7.

Other sites and blogs I follow include

The Letter 4 – A Craft blog
Confessions of a Twenty Something – A girly blog
Tumblr – A microblogging site
Pinterest – A virtual cork board

My favorite food is
Tacos, from homemade, to Taco Bell, to an authentic Mexican restaurant, I love tacos.
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