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Christina Gagon,  The Olympian

As America marks National School Choice Week, Washington should look to my family as an example of why educational options for families are imperative. As a military family living in Pierce County, we are often relocated around the globe. Our family has lived in Louisiana, North Dakota, Kentucky, and Missouri all before moving to Washington in August 2015.


Christina Gagon

In an effort to make the experience easier for our sons, Dylan (12) and Shepard (7), we joined the online school community this past summer. We decided that learning in an online environment would give the boys stronger relationships with teachers and classmates. We enrolled Dylan and Shepard in Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA), a high-quality, tuition-free, online public school.

WAVA’s lessons are personalized for each child and the platform allows me to be involved without being responsible for the content of their education. I have watched my children become better problem solvers and critical thinkers through this program.

This opportunity was only available to my sons because of school choice. Support for school choice exists across the political spectrum and is rooted in the firm belief that parents know their children best. K12 Inc., the company that powers WAVA and other online schools across the nation, works hard to put students first.

Our children are the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, we must do everything we can to give them the best education possible. A critical element toward achieving this goal is expanding school choice for students like Dylan and Shepard.

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