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In 2011, the town of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, home to The Keystone School, suffered the devastation of a flood, and many of the school’s staff, families, and friends lost all they had.  In the aftermath, the community came together to help one another.  When Aubree Kresch, manager of student engagement at Keystone, saw the wreckage left behind in wake of Hurricane Harvey in Southeast Texas, she knew something had to be done. 

Aubree came together with Rachel Shaffer and Danielle McDormand, both guidance assistants at Keystone, and found the Texas Teachers of Tomorrow, an organization that reached out to the impacted school districts and made lists of what each classroom needed.  They applied on behalf of the school and were paired up with a classroom in a school district right outside of Houston. 

“This particular district was hit really hard and many of their schools have doubled up students in buildings that had a smaller amount of damage, so they can work on rebuilding those that were destroyed in the storm,” Aubree said.


The teachers then reached out to the rest of the Keystone staff on a biweekly basis to encourage donations.  The responses were immediate, as staff began bringing in items the next day, and after only two weeks they had collected more than 700 items – everything from tissues to graphing calculators, and everything in between. 

“It really didn’t take much to encourage donation of items from our Keystone staff,” Aubree shared. “We were most surprised by the generous amount of donations we received!” 

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