I can’t wait to have my two college-aged children come home for the summer. While I love having them visit, I often tell my kids that we have the same ultimate goal … their independence! Like many parents, I sometimes wonder if the education I’ve provided them with has indeed set them up for career success. I hope they’ve taken the right courses to land a great starter job in today’s workforce. Have they? The fact is, it remains to be seen.The trend of millennials returning to live with their parents is real. Trulia reports almost 40 percent of young adults lived with their parents or another relative last year. That’s the highest such percentage since the Great Depression. Similarly, the Pew Research Center reports that adults ages 18 to 34 are now more likely to be living with their parents than independently with a spouse or partner. That’s the first time that’s been the case in the modern era, some 130 years.

While many factors account for this trend, it’s impossible not to question how ready today’s youth are for today’s job market, with so many college graduates simply not able to support themselves.

In a recent survey of Americans, Edge Research found that only 12 percent of respondents rated their high school an “A” in preparing them for the skills they use in their current job. Half of respondents graded their high school a “C” or worse. Read full article on Foxnews.com.