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Tamara Carpenter, Vice President of School Development at K12 Inc., is using her passions, skills, and resources to help a cause she feels connected to.

During her vacations, Tamara spends time in Africa helping to develop schools through Missions of Hope International (MOHI), a nonprofit organization that provides education and healthcare to countries in need. After going on a mission trip and working with MOHI in 2015, Tamara was moved by what she encountered.


If you could see the slums surrounding the schools it would break your heart. It broke mine,” Tamara said. “But then you hear the laughter of the children coming from within the walls, you see their excitement as they vie for the teachers attention to answer a question, and you feel the love that the teachers show to their students. I’ve never seen so much learning being accomplished with so few resources.

After being inspired by her mission trip, Tamara decided to make it her mission to continue to help MOHI. 

“I met with the teachers, staff and leaders of MOHI and felt a kinship with them in their desire to be a light in the lives of children through education,” Tamara said. “In an area where more than 50,000 children don’t have access to school, MOHI provides families with an accessible high-quality option for education.  Before the end of my mission trip, I knew that I wanted to find a way to use my skills and access to great educational resources to help them in their mission once I returned home.”

Noticing the needs of MOHI and wanting to make a difference, Tamara went to her colleagues at K12 for help. K12 donated $32,000 worth of school supplies, including pencils, blocks, paint, balls, and chalk. K12 also donated over 1200 books which helped fill the empty shelves in MOHI’s libraries.


The generous donations K12 contributed made a lasting impact on the MOHI community.

Every item that K12 donated relieves a financial burden from MOHI and helps them serve more children,” Tamara said. “One thing that a teacher said about K12’s donation that really struck me was It means so much to be able to give a child a pencil. You know it is not much, only a few shillings but for many of our parents they have to choose: buy a pencil for 5 shillings or buy some food. Their children are hungry and so they buy food. But now because you gave, we can give.  Now our parents do not have to make that choice, at least not for many months.” 

Seeing the support that K12 gave MOHI and the lasting impact it made, Tamara feels inspired more than ever to continue her mission.


“To see how K12 rallied to support me in this passion, it makes me proud of my company,” Tamara said.  “It’s given me hope for our children who live in poverty here in the US.  It’s made me even more determined in my work to develop good schools for kids.”


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