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Online learning means a lot to me for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most important reason is because it gives students and families a choice in their education. I feel so lucky to live in a state where families have options.

Every day in life we are faced with choices – from what internet or cell phone provider to use to where to eat if going out for a meal. But why is it so often we are not given a choice in our K-12 education? For many people, their only option is to attend their local school district. But what if that isn’t working out? What if it isn’t the best fit for their child? Shouldn’t parents have at least one if not several educational options for their child?

I am proud to live in a state that supports online education. I also feel a sense of peace as a parent that if for whatever reason my child does not thrive in their current educational setting, I have options.

This is a big reason I celebrate National Online Learning Day. According to the OnlineLearningDay.com, “National Online Learning Day showcases how students of all ages are thriving with the ability to learn online—anywhere, anytime. It seeks to cultivate awareness of, and support for, this ever-growing community of learners and to celebrate the future of online education—wherever technology and our imaginations take us!”

As our world is becoming more and more reliant upon technology and interconnected because of it, online learning is a great option for many students and families. I am excited to see how online education will continue to grow in the coming years.

About The Author

Lauren Weber

Lauren Weber is a high school world history teacher and the social studies department chair at Insight School of Kansas (ISKS). She has been with ISKS since 2009. Lauren graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 2006. In 2008 she received her graduate teacher certification in secondary education-social studies, and she is currently working on her master's in administration-building leadership. Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, playing sports with her kids, and baking.

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