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As an online teacher, people often ask why my students chose online school. Here’s what I’ve learned are the top 5 reasons- –  from students themselves!

Immediate feedback on quizzes and tests and the option to retake quizzes without waiting for teacher approval.

One student said that in brick and mortar school, she struggled and would have to meet with teachers after school to go over tests and ask to retake quizzes and tests. In online school she gets immediate feedback and can retake quizzes immediately if she wants to improve her grade. Lessons can also be easily reviewed multiple times.

21st century tools for learning and updated current curriculum.

Another student told me his local high school in rural Idaho was using old supplies and finds the online curriculum more interesting and current.

More connection to teachers:

Not only are the teachers absolutely amazing, they care about their students,” said one enthusiastic student. “I love being so important to my teachers. It’s a new connection. In brick and mortar schools, sure we see our teachers and talk, but I have never felt so important to teachers as I do here.”

Opportunity to learn important life skills, like time management and independence.

“In order to be successful in an online school, you have to be motivated,” another student said. “When going to a brick and mortar school, you show up every day at the same time and do exactly what the teacher tells you to do for that day. Here, you have to take the time to log on daily and actually want to work on your classes. You have to dedicate your time to each one of the classes and do the work. Being an online student has helped me with my motivation, dedication, and knowledge that school is important.”

Finally, perhaps one of the most commonly heard reasons is:

Student control over the learning environment – free from distractions, drama and bullying!

Thanks to all of my students for their feedback!



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Carolyn Fabis

Carolyn Fabis has been a social studies teacher at Idaho Virtual Academy (DVA) since 2012. She has taught in the alternative high school social studies program since its beginning. Carolyn earned a bachelor's degree in marketing communications with a minor in psychology from Columbia College Chicago and a master's of education degree in technology from University of Phoenix, where she also earned her 6-12 teaching credentials. Carolyn lives in Boise, Idaho, with her husband and two children. For fun, she loves gardening camping, hiking and traveling with her family.

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