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End of year events are exciting but can be overwhelming at times! Here’s a countdown of the top 10 tips for staying sane during this hectic time in the online school year:

  1. Use a calendar. Use a monthly calendar where you can write or post events (in real time) so everyone can see what is happening that day. Your calendar can be online or paper/pencil, whatever format works best for you. When you start to feel overwhelmed, take it one day at a time.
  2. Schedule “do nothing” time. Be sure to schedule quiet time. Put it on your calendar just as you would any other important event. Take a hot bath. Go for a 20 minute walk. Sit on the front porch, and read an article from your favorite magazine. Take a 10-15 minute power nap. Taking time to rejuvenate during the busy season is just as important as being present for everyone else. You’ll feel rested and ready to go!
  3. Keep up with emails. Check your emails every day. In today’s world, most schools, sports associations, churches, etc. communicate via email. Set aside 10-15 minutes each day to read, file, and/or delete emails. Don’t forget to update your calendar, as needed.
  4. Use checklists. Creating short checklists for each day is a perfect solution to breaking down the “big” end-of-year picture. If you are the team coach or room mom, try making a checklist for the specific event for which you are in charge. Include things you need, people to call, and other details on the checklist. Checking things off the list will help boost your confidence and relieve stress.
  5. Build a support network. Be sure to talk to other friends, parents, and family members who are involved in the same activities. Consider creating Facebook pages or group texts for those communities. This will allow you to quickly and easily identify people you need to contact.
  6. Ask for help. Remember, you are not alone! Ask for help if you forget a date or the time of an event. If your child needs something for a recital or graduation, ask a friend if he/she can loan it to you. People want to help. Let them!
  7. Charge your phone or camera. Don’t miss a special moment because your battery died or you ran out of space on your phone. Delete unnecessary things off your phone and charge all devices you plan to use. Don’t take excessive pictures or videos the day of the event. Focus on the special moments. And remember to ask for help from your network if you miss something. Chances are, someone else got that special photo shot.
  8. Remember why this is important. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, remind yourself why the end of the year is important. Both you and your child have worked hard all year. The end-of-year events should be celebrations of everything coming together.
  9. Smile. Smile even when you are tired, angry, sad, or frustrated. Smiling improves your mood and reduces tension in your body. Plus, you look more approachable so others will be more willing to reach out and check in on you.
  10. Have fun! This is the big moment. Enjoy it!

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