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As the K-8 principal of the Wyoming Virtual Academy elementary and middle schools, I wanted a way to frequently connect directly with our students and their families beyond sending an email or popping into an online assembly to say something.  

While in Dallas last month for regional meetings, we had a couple of opportunities to break out into principal groups and share ideas. Someone shared that their teachers often carry a live camera on regional field trips for students that couldn’t attend in-person. I thought, “Hey, maybe I can take students on field trips with me each week and send out a link.”  

I haven’t tried a live trip yet, but I thought simply carrying my iPhone on a short trip while I talk to students and show them cool things would be an easy way to connect and extend learning. I want the trips to be educational and personal.  

My first field trip was through the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I filmed, uploaded to YouTube, and then shared the link through SafeShare. Next week I’m going to take them to a local family dairy. 

After sending the link for my first field trip to all of our students and learning coaches, I had dozens of students and parents email me with enthusiastic responses. It was awesome! 

I always have my phone with me, so I plan to pull it out frequently and make these field trip videos. Last weekend I was in Seattle and filmed a short clip of the iconic fish throwing ritual at Pike Street Fish Market – easy and fun!

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