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What kinds of students decide to participate in virtual education? There are many possible answers to that question. Students whose families travel often, students who must work from hospitals due to illnesses or disease, students who prefer to work in their home environment, and even professional athletes and actors! Ethan Daniel, a 5th grader in Susan Rudd’s homeroom at Georgia Cyber Academy, falls into the last category. He is an actor who performs in theater, television, and movies.

Ethan’s mom says he has been performing his whole life, but he became a working actor two years ago. He started with musical theater and progressed to television and movies.

“GCA gives me the day to day flexibility I need while I’m working on set. I can hop on a Class Connect from anywhere. I’ve even done OLS assignments and Class Connects from airports, hotels, and movie set trailers. Some days I work ahead for the week, and some days I have to catch up on the week. My teachers have all been so helpful and understanding. If I miss a Class Connect, the recording is always available when my work day is done,” Ethan explains.

So, what are this young actor’s plans for the immediate future? Right now, he is busy with auditions. He continues to work with an acting coach to polish his skills. Ethan explains, “Being an actor is a marathon, not a sprint, so I will keep working hard every single day.” And Georgia Cyber Academy is happy to help him on his journey.

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