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As an online teacher I receive a lot of questions and I will admit, even funny looks when people find out what I do. One of the biggest questions I get, besides asking me to explain how it all works is, ‘how do the kids socialize?’

That question is always easy to answer because we have a multitude of ways in which our students are able to socialize. One of my favorite ways though is through our face-to-face outings. From ice skating to lunch outings, to coffee shops and laser tag, our face-to-face outings are always a hit!

Our most recently outing for ISKS high school students was themed “History Lives. Our fantastic face-to-face committee worked diligently this past summer to plan and schedule multiple outings throughout the school year, and this one, hands down, was my favorite! Two museum outings were scheduled on each side of the state, one in Wichita and one in Kansas City.

The turnout for these outings was great! I had the pleasure of attending the Kansas City location where we went to the National World War I Museum and Memorial. This is a very special museum because it is designated by Congress as the United States official museum dedicated to World War I.



Before we started the tour our students enjoyed socializing over lunch. As I looked around the room and caught bits and pieces of their conversations, I couldn’t help but think how our students are just like traditional brick and mortar students. They had excitement in their eyes as they discussed the prom themes that the student council had just voted on. They laughed and joked like old friends over something that happened in class that morning.

Once we wrapped up lunch, we began our tour. Our group was quite large so they had to break us into smaller groups to tour the museum and our students enjoyed hearing personalized stories about each exhibit.

As we wrapped up our tour the students exchanged goodbyes and plans to meet up at our next face to face outing. Coming up we have a pizza and games outing, a community service project opportunity, an in-door trampoline facility get together, and of course prom!

About The Author

Lauren Weber

Lauren Weber is a high school world history teacher and the social studies department chair at Insight School of Kansas (ISKS). She has been with ISKS since 2009. Lauren graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 2006. In 2008 she received her graduate teacher certification in secondary education-social studies, and she is currently working on her master's in administration-building leadership. Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, playing sports with her kids, and baking.

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