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Around this time of year, PublicSchoolOptions.org holds Capitol Days in states across America, like this upcoming event in Texas next month. Recently, I met with state representatives in Missouri about the importance of online education. Currently, the state of Missouri does not have a public virtual school option. My aim was to explain to the congressmen and women the critical importance of virtual schools.

I am currently in my 8th year teaching for a virtual school, so I have many stories I was able to share about students who have come to us with a specific need and we were able to meet that need. Whether it be a medical need, the need for a different environment, or the flexibility that virtual school allows, the need for school choice for families across America is immense.

Virtual school is not for everyone, but it is necessary. We owe it to student across the county, including those in Missouri, to offer an alternate school choice when the traditional classroom setting is not a viable option.

About The Author

Jo Marie Bolick

Jo Marie Bolick is a math teacher for Insight School of Kansas (ISKS) and Kansas Virtual Academy (KSVA). She began working at ISKS in 2009 shortly after the birth of her first son and has taught a variety of math classes. Prior to ISKS, Jo Marie spent four years teaching 8th grade at Washburn Rural Middle School in Topeka, Kansas. She currently works with high school students and enjoys cultivating interest in mathematics in an online environment. Jo Marie graduated from Washburn University with a bachelor's degree in mathematics, specializing in secondary education, and she holds a master's degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Kansas. For Jo Marie, teaching online is the perfect fit. She was never good a choosing teacher clothes and decorating bulletin boards. Most of all she cherishes the opportunity to build relationships with students state-wide. Outside of teaching she enjoys running, gardening, and being outdoors with her husband and three sons.

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