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Everyone relies on numbers.  Numbers matter.  We hear reports about records being set at the voting booth or at a sporting event.  A student’s score on the ACT or a grade in a course could make the difference between getting a college scholarship or not.  Numbers are everywhere.  We recently wrapped up our 5th year at the Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy and have a great deal of numbers to share.

After 180 school days, LAVCA ended its year with the graduation of 65 seniors.   Among those seniors were students who earned 15 scholarships. LAVCA also graduated 73 kindergarteners, 85% of which plan to continue schooling with us.


All these students, along with students from every grade level in between, were invited to attend our 55 outings this year.  Students went to the Global Wildlife Refuge, the Insectarium, the planetarium, to several museums, and more.  We also featured “across the state” skating fun and sponsored several informal picnics and get-togethers.

Our State testing proved to be a huge enterprise as LAVCA faculty and staff tested 1,600 students across the state.  Testing this year covered Dibels, Kindergarten DSC, state spring exams, the ACT, and End of Course exams.  The average grade for those students who took the ACT was 20.9, exceeding the state and national average (19.2 and 19.7 respectively).

Our students also had ample opportunities to prepare for the state exams by attending our live, online classes taught throughout the year.  Teachers across Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy taught approximately 9.170 live classes (excluding the Special Education classes), in courses ranging from Digital Photography to AP courses.  LAVCA faculty also provided more than 3,168 hours of Live Help and opened 2 blended sites for face-to-face tutoring and instruction.

There’s strength in numbers, and LAVCA’s numbers speak for themselves.  Overall, I am 100% positive that Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy had a banner year.

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