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Getting a head start on college and career goals is a great opportunity for students. Many teens are interested in pursuing a job, a college degree, or both upon graduation, and parents value these options, too.

Now, opportunities to graduate high school with technical and specialty trade credentials, college credits, and workplace experience are possible thanks to K12 Inc. and Destinations Career Academy of Colorado.

Getting a jump start on college classes or finding a job directly out of high school are now viable options for high school students across the country. Destinations Career Academy of CO students are pioneering their career goals by obtaining skills that are critical to climb the career ladders they’ve selected. By providing the structure, support, accountability, and required state testing, hundreds of students around the country are progressing themselves personally and professionally.

“I have been able to actively pursue a career as a Computer Programmer, like I’ve always dreamed. Without DCA CO, I wouldn’t be prepared to create software programs, learn the language of computers, maintain computer systems and software, and help others solve computer program-related issues. I’m really fascinated by the individual learning approach tailored to fit my goals, abilities, and interests. Ultimately, I know my future is full of opportunities because of the focus I’m putting on academics and career technical education courses.” –Kenzie Zion, 10th grade Information Technology (IT) DCA CO student 

Kenzie Zion, 10th Grade

Kenzie Zion, 10th Grade


“Once I graduate high school, I will be able to actively pursue a career within the information technology industry. Without DCA CO, I would not be prepared to design, build, or maintain websites and applications; design graphics and animations; and develop design layouts.” –Elizabeth Hericks, 11th grade Information technology (IT) DCA CO student 

Elizabeth Hericks

Elizabeth Hericks, 11th Grade

And, that’s just the beginning. By using K12 Inc. and Destinations Career Academy of Colorado, exploring the vast array of possible careers while still in high school, learning career and employment skills, and becoming what students want to be is accessible. Moreover, by offering concentrations in in-demand career fields, students are able to learn from professionals and gain priceless workplace experience. In a competitive field, this can have a substantial impact on the education environment as a whole, and, more importantly, individual careers.

Also, K12 Inc. and SkillsUSA have partnered so that every Destinations student is also in the SkillsUSA chapter at the school. That means that every Destinations Career Academy of Colorado student has access to a leadership organization that has over 335,000 student members, sanctions career related competitions in over 100 different areas. Students automatically can access an employability curriculum in skills that we all wish we had known when we graduated high school, but were never exposed to.

Ultimately, the possibilities are tremendous. Destinations Career Academy of Colorado’s exclusive program is setting students up for future success every day. With access to college and career training, students are equipped with job-ready skills to put to immediate use after high school. Students prepare to take industry certification tests upon graduation, and successively open doors in high-demand, high-paying, and sometimes high-tech jobs! K12 has career academies in Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah and Wisconsin and will continue to help hundreds, even thousands of students.

About The Author

Teri Cady

Teri Cady is the Head of School at Destinations Career Academy of Colorado, a school focused on meaningful learning to prepare students for college and career. Teri is passionate about individualized education and in developing students’ 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, strong communication, and creativity. Teri has been an educator for 17 years – her career passion is working with students and teachers to improve student success for all.

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