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Suzanne Conway is an elementary and middle school English teacher at FCSO and a teacher ambassador.  

Friendship Public Charter School Online (FPCSO) is celebrating another great school year and welcomes all new families! Washington D.C. boasts a whopping 118 public charter schools and 111 public schools serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade. One of D.C.’s smallest schools, FPCSO is the only online public charter school in the District that enrolls students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Students enrolled in FPCSO are schooled at home and receive all course materials and needed equipment. This allows them to access their student plan, which is delivered digitally through the online platform.

All students have an engaged learning coach (LC), which is usually the parent at home with the student.  LCs are trained on the student’s plan, how to navigate the online school and find online books and tutorials, and they meet regularly with the homeroom teacher to keep the student making forward progress throughout the year.Unknown Object

Students are also supported by a certified teacher and participate in live online instruction with them. The most unique aspect to this contemporary school environment is that students in grades 3-8 meet weekly with their teachers at one of the partner school’s locations. This face-to-face experience is very effective for students and gives them time to interact personally with their teachers and classmates. Students are so excited to meet their teachers and celebrate the new school year, whether they are new to the school or a returning student!

The online platform allows the parent to have a high degree of involvement in their child’s education.  Families who are new to FPCSO quickly realize that they have just become part of a team that includes multiple layers of support and guidance. Support comes in the form of understanding how the online platform works, essential materials, equipment, and services provided for each student, as well as numerous tutorials and meetings held with the new family to help them feel well-prepared for the first day of school.

The online school is a great choice for so many because it provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn at their own pace.

Nakita Anderson, parent of a new third grade student at FPCSO, is very excited to know that her student is able to get an education that accommodates his needs. “I just love knowing that he won’t be left behind, and he can move ahead in his areas of strength,” she said. “He loves to learn and is ecstatic about attending virtual school. I have all the support I need for my child to have a successful year!”

About The Author

Suzanne Conway

Suzanne teaches grades K-5 at Friendship Public Charter School Online (FPCSO) in Washington, D.C.  She loves teaching in a virtual environment, where the focus is on learning! Suzanne brings 20 years of experience in education and community development. She has taught in public and private schools, served as division director for the American Heart Association (AHA), and as community relations coordinator for EEI, one of the largest women-owned companies in the U.S. After raising over $1 million for AHA, she returned to her first love: teaching.  Suzanne earned her bachelor's degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in education: teaching and learning.  She is highly qualified in reading and language acquisition and middle school English language arts.  Suzanne lives in Haymarket, Virginia, with her husband, Rick, and their dog, Ginger.  She enjoys swimming, traveling, decorating, the arts, the Washington Nationals, and keeping up with their sons. 

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