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Congratulations on your decision to enter the 21st century of education by becoming a full-time online student! Your future has no limits!

The most important thing that you can do in your new learning environment is to be present and engaged. Being present means attending all Class Connect sessions that you can. To be engaged, treat the CC session like you did class in your brick-and-mortar school. When you are in the session, participate and be involved in the activities (practice quiz questions, discussions, break-out rooms, etc.).

Ask questions during CC sessions by using chat or your microphone. Often in your old brick-and-mortar school you may have been too embarrassed to ask a question when you did not understand. In your new school, you are in the comfort of your home when you ask a question, and no one can judge you. Asking questions will show your teachers that you are involved in the lesson.

Ask for help as soon as you feel frustrated or confused. Every teacher in your new school had to make the same conversion from brick-and-mortar to online that you are now making. They will understand your anxiety – they experienced similar feelings when they started with their new school. Additionally, online teachers are used to communicating with students by phone and email. Use of both means of communication is encouraged at your new school.

Try to be involved in activities outside of school. Whether you participate in a sport, a hobby or an activity, it is important to get outside and move around. As a teacher, I will sometimes go for a 5-10 minute walk in between classes just to keep my mind sharp. Some of our students and teachers do stretching exercises during the day for the same benefit.

We want you to be successful, but that will only happen if you decide to take advantage of what your online school has to offer.

About The Author

Thad Simmons

Thad Simmons is a math teacher at Nevada Virtual Academy (NVVA) High School. Prior to his current position, he spent 34 years in brick and mortar schools in Arizona and Nevada. While teaching for the Clark County School District, Thad was on the founding board of directors for Nevada Virtual Academy, and he served on the board from 2007-2012. While teaching at brick and mortar schools, Thad coached three state championship basketball teams and two state championship track and field teams. He and his wife, Teri, live in Henderson, Nevada, and have three adult children.

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