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Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) senior Michaela Daniel certainly has a bright future ahead. She was accepted into twelve universities, including Princeton, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Rice, Washington University and Spellman College, among others!

“I was quite surprised,” Michaela said. “It felt amazing to have these elite schools want me to attend. All of the hard work and sleepless nights I have put into my online high school career were worth it!”

Michaela enrolled in GCA in 5th grade when her parents felt that she could be getting more out of her education.

“Our elementary school had actually placed me in a special education class and my parents thought that I could receive a better education with GCA,” Michaela said. “It has allowed me to further my education outside of the classroom through extracurricular activities.”

Having a flexible model of schooling worked well for Michaela, who practiced ballet, volunteered with her local food pantry, and was an assistant teacher for KIDDS Dance. Not only did Michaela’s flexible schooling allow her to get involved in her community, but it also empowered her to gain the discipline and responsibility needed to get into college.

“With this flexible schedule also comes great responsibility,” Michaela said. “I believe the discipline of making sure my work was done well and turned in on-time helped me to get into these schools.”

Along with being accepted to numerous prestigious colleges, Michaela has also been named a Georgia Scholar, which is awarded to high school seniors who show excellence in their school, community, and home. Michaela is both honored and shocked that she was given such a prestigious award, especially since she is the first student from GCA to ever receive this honor!

“I have actually kept checking the press release to make sure that my name is listed,” Michaela said. “It feels like a dream to win this recognition. I am so glad to represent my school and its talented students as well.”

Michaela plans to attend Princeton University in the fall to study International Relations with certificate in Near Eastern studies. She hopes to use this degree to learn more about other parts of the world and pursue a career in foreign relations.

“I see myself working for the government in some kind of foreign relations capacity, such as serving as a diplomat,” Michaela said. “The history courses I have taken at GCA have truly sparked this interest for me, as they encourage students to conduct additional research and take your learn beyond your textbooks! I feel very prepared to take Princeton by storm!”

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