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When a child goes to school, it’s expected they will encounter a safe learning environment. But when the environment causes more harm than good, a change is often necessary.

After moving from Colorado to Wyoming, third grader Alexander Delisle-Culbertson was so severely bullied at his local brick-and-mortar school, that tragically the youngster attempted suicide.

“It made me angry to know my child was so pressured by his peers in an environment that’s supposed to be safe and fun,” said Alexander’s mother, Alicia Culbertson, who then transferred Alexander to Wyoming Virtual Academy (WYVA).

Online schooling has helped Alexander cope and overcome his struggles, though the youngster now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depressive disorder (MDD) and anxiety.

“He still struggles with social skills,” Alicia said. “However, Alexander is able to mingle with peers at WYVA social events and learns at his own pace without getting overwhelmed.”

Alexander also thrives academically.

According to his proud mom, “He’s succeeding while getting an outstanding education in an environment where he feels safe and confident- finally!”

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