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When 7-year-old Abigail Toler found herself spending more time doodling than learning in her brick and mortar school, her mother decided a change was needed.

Abigail was a very successful student. She would ace her assignments at an impressive speed, but this often left her bored with nothing to do in class.

“She was spending at least two and a half hours a day at school ‘keeping herself busy’ because she would finish her work correctly and have to wait for other classmates to finish theirs,” said Sarah Toler, Abigail’s mother. “She was encouraged to draw on the backs of her papers as ‘something to do.’ The elaborate drawings on the back of her classwork were a big sign that she was spending entirely too much time doing busy work instead of being challenged or at least doing other things that she enjoys at home.”

In May 2016, Sarah enrolled Abigail in North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA) in order for her to be active and challenged in her schooling. Since enrolling at NCVA, Abigail is succeeding in her work and moving at her own pace.

“Right now it is a perfect fit!” Sarah said. “She is doing great on her classwork and is making mostly 100’s on everything.”

Sarah appreciates the flexibility of the curriculum and how Abigail can customize her schedule to match her individual needs.

“She can do the lessons and if she has mastered it she can move on to the next one instead of having to sit through repeated lessons she has already mastered,” Sarah said. “We are able to do the time on our own schedule and take as long as we need for each subject based on her needs.”

Sarah has already re-enrolled Abigail at NCVA for next year and is looking forward to Abigail’s continued success with online schooling. From the flexibility of the curriculum to the overall support from Abigail’s teachers, Sarah is very pleased with NCVA.

“Her teachers are always there for support when we need,” Sarah said. “The great thing about the curriculum is that I have the ability to go above and we spend time online looking at articles, videos, or pictures that go along with our lessons. It is very flexible and we can do her lessons whenever it is good for us.”

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  1. Laural Davey

    I know Abigail and Sarah Toler well and she has amazed us this year with the knowledge she has acquired. We are so proud of her and happy about how well the curriculum has worked out for her and her family as well!


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