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Insight School of Minnesota (ISMN) students used their creativity to come up with a brand new mascot design for their school, an elk!

“The mascot design contest idea came from some brainstorming with our local marketing manager, Cathy Chabot and I.” ISMN teacher and Family Engagement Coordinator, Brianna Sauter said. “We are always trying to think of fresh ideas to engage students at ISMN, and Cathy thought March would be perfect for a design contest, since it is Youth Art Month.”

Brianna spread the word to student and families in ISMN newsletters, emails, and asked teachers to share the info in their classes. Once the all of the entries were received, she sent out a voting form to all students and staff, where the designs were narrowed down from 19 to 3, then had a final round of voting with the top 3 to choose the mascot.

Winning design by I. Daniels

Winning design by I. Daniels

“Students were very excited, especially our middle school students, in choosing the new mascot,” Brianna said. “There was chat in classes, and during social hour about the designs and who was voting for what design. It was refreshing to see students interested and involved in their school community.”

The winning elk design was announced during an all school assembly before spring break. Students were incredibly supportive in congratulating the winner!  The winner received a $50 gift card to Hobby Lobby.

“I think it was a great way for the students to connect for a common goal and to see other student’s talents and ideas,” Cathy said.


Second place design by A. Khan






“I personally love our new mascot,” Brianna said. “The elk is a fitting representation for the state of Minnesota and our students. The student with the winning design put a nice twist on the elk design as well, making it appear sophisticated and majestic.”

This was a great opportunity for the students to connect for a common goal and see other student’s talents and ideas.

“I find creativity and expression especially important for online students,” Brianna said. “As online teachers and support staff, we don’t always get to see or hear about what our students are doing outside of school. We have a unique group of students at ISMN, who are all amazingly talented in their own ways, and allowing them to share their talents with us brings our community together. We’re having a talent show this Friday as part of our spirit week, so students will be able to share more of their creativity and flair there. We’re all about embracing creativity here!”


Third place design by H. Dvergsten

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