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Students at Ohio Virtual Academy are using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to give back! Forty OHVA students made Valentine’s Day cards that were sent to children in local hospitals.

“Many of the students expressed feelings of compassion and kindness towards the children in their cards,” OHVA teacher Samantha Cromwell said. “They expressed satisfaction about being able to brighten the day of children who may not be going through the best times right now in their life. Some of the students also included a fun Valentine’s Day activity with their card like a word search or anagram, to bring a child some fun.”

The project was put on by OHVA’s National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), an organization that focuses on giving back to the community.

“I think the service activity was important because it shows the true service and character of our NJHS students in giving back to others, especially children they do not know,” Samantha said.  “The project lets children across the state know that while they may be experiencing very challenging personal times, they are cared for and loved by others.”

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  1. Lisa Whitford

    Great project for the students to do. Thinking of those who need an encouraging word.


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