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At Texas Virtual Academy (TXVA) a team of teachers have come together to provide engaging and creative lessons for their students.

TXVA’s English language arts (ELA) team is a group of enthusiastic teachers with the goal of providing their students with the best lessons possible. Starting in 2015, this group of 6 teachers with a shared passion for English and Literature came together to help each other achieve a mutual goal.

Rosalyn Berger, Middle School Lead teacher at TXVA, said, “All of them love teaching reading and writing and support each other with different strengths.”

While Rosalyn is not a direct part of the team, as lead teacher for middle school ELA she is able to witness the team in action.

“These teachers work together incredibly well and have a strong sense of community,” Rosalyn said. “Teaching and living life are intertwined because being a teacher is who they are—not just what they do. Their commitment to providing the highest level of education to their students in a way that

promotes student leadership, creativity, and higher order thinking skills is impressive. I am honored to serve them as they serve our students.”

Through interactive and thought provoking lessons, the team leads discussions and activities about English and language arts that are both informative and engaging. The ELA team encourages students to share their learning on social media, using their personal hashtag #txvaela8.

“We combine the use of collaborative learning strategies and teacher led discussions that delve into American literature,” ELA team member Emily Swistak. “We make connections to real world applications by identifying themes across genres while making inferences about author’s purpose.”

The team not only comes together to support students through their lessons, but also to support one another individually and as a team.

“We support each other through difficult situations, encourage each other to share ideas and have developed a strong bond by mutual respect and acknowledgment of our individual strengths,” Emily said. “Where one teacher struggles, another steps in to help for the overall success of our students. We all share the same goal, to teach, inspire, and encourage the students of K12.”

TXVA’s ELA team is showing how a passion for teaching and a collaborative environment can have a great influence on students.

“We joined K12 because we wanted to have the best of both worlds by doing what we love: teaching and being at home for our families,” Emily said. “Each one of us loves to teach, and absolutely loves to learn more about literature and how we can inspire students to share that passion and find their voice through reading and writing.”

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  1. S Baughman

    This is a wonderful group of educators! So happy to see y’all in the spotlight. Thanks for all you do for our students in Texas.


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