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Twelve K12-powered students had a memorable field trip this spring, traveling abroad! The trip gave ten K12 International Academy (iCademy) students and two George Washington University Online High School (GWUOHS) students the chance to learn about Italy and Greece while interacting with their classmates in person.

“This trip was a well-rounded educational experience,” said April Murnane, iCademy French teacher and trip organizer. “Students enjoy getting to meet face-to-face and they were extremely excited about trying different foods and traveling to new places. I love seeing the friendships that are formed.”

Traveling abroad allows the students to immerse themselves in different cultures, people and experiences. For April, witnessing these new interactions and experiences was a trip highlight.

“As a language teacher, I love getting to see the students engage with the language and culture, as well as interacting with the people of each country we visit. The students learn about themselves, each other and the world!”

Check out photos from their trip in the slide show below and in their trip video!

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