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Kellijett Murphrey , 7th grader at Texas Online Preparatory School (TOPS), was one of 500 exceptional National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) students nationwide to receive the Outstanding Achievement Award!

Recipients of the NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award are recognized for their excellence in scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. Along with a certificate they were awarded a $500 award that is placed in a college savings account.

“We are very proud of Kellijett, she works very hard,” her Father, Kelly Murphrey said. “I definitely think she deserves this award.  She is already starting to think about what she wants to study in college and where she would like to go.”

Kellijet was nominated by Ms. Roberts, her homeroom teacher of two years. When she first received the award recipient letter she felt deeply honored and couldn’t wait to tell everyone!

The chosen students demonstrate excellence in scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship. Kellijet validates each of these by maintaining a 100 average in all of her subjects for 3 years, being a member of the Principal’s Academy for the past 2 years, volunteering at her local food bank, children’s minister at church, Junior Master Gardener program, and being president of the TOPS National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) chapter.

Her role as president of TOPS’ NJHS for a year has allowed her to strengthen her leadership collaboration and strategic planning skills.

“As a member of the Principal’s Academy for the past two years, I have the freedom to plan and organize my study schedule, so I can focus on those topics and subjects that require more time to master,” Kellijett said. “I also enjoy being able to plan and develop a major research project each year, The Kellijett and Langston Treehouse.”

She first enrolled  into TOPS in 5th grade.  Her parents weren’t pleased with their local brick and mortar intermediate school because of the disciplined focused learning environment.

“The whole idea of making learning ‘fun’ seemed to be missing,” Kelly said. “After a couple of weeks, we started to explore options, private school, homeschooling, and online options.  We had been using the K12 math program as supplemental training for several years and were very happy with its benefits. So, after weighting all our options we decided K12 would be a good fit for Kellijett”

Kellijet appreciates the 24/7 access to her assignments and to have the flexibility to use her evenings for family time or extracurricular activities.

 I like to have the flexibility to be able to study what I want to when I want to,” Kellijet said. “I have found that my learning increases when I can focus on one topic or subject at a time and not move on until I have mastered it.”

Kelly would recommend the TOPS curriculum for any student.  He appreciates the focus on learning and mastering the topics rather than the discipline and “seat-time in a chair.”

“My wife and I have been teaching our university courses online for many years and have no doubts that online learning can increase student learning,” Kelly said. “It allows students an opportunity to focus on mastery of subject matter which allows them to spend as much or as little time as needed to truly learn a concept, subject, or topic.  The flexibility also allows kids to get more sleep and the nature of online learning fosters responsible learning skills equal to what many students don’t learn until they go to college.”

In the future, Kellijett hopes to combine her favorite school subjects of math, science, and writing into a medical career one day where she can achieve her goal of teaching medicine in a medical school.

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  1. minnie pesl

    i am so very proud of my granddaughter. She richly deserves this award.


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