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Madison Kline graduated from Wyoming Virtual Academy (WYVA) in May with her high school diploma and an associate’s degree from Eastern Wyoming College (EWC) – at the same time! 

She will be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Rocky Mountain College this fall with plans to eventually transfer to the University of Wyoming for her doctorate degree.  

At only 18 years old, Madison’s academic accomplishments are a result of her enrollment in EWC concurrent enrollment courses and Jumpstart courses. “At the end of my junior year at WYVA, I realized I was halfway to getting my associate’s degree due to concurrent course credits—and I wasn’t even trying,” Madison said. “My mom decided that it would be worth it for me to finish and get ahead.”   

Concurrent enrollment courses are advanced high school-level courses, through which students can earn college credits. Jumpstart courses are college courses taken by a high school student independently from the high school. In Madison’s case, she took her college courses online at EWC.  

“At first, I wasn’t enthused about spending my summer doing college courses,” she said. “However, it ended up being substantially easier than I thought due to my experience with WYVA, and it was extremely worthwhile.”   

Madison enrolled at WYVA in the fifth grade after having some issues with her brick-and-mortar school’s math program. The transition was difficult at first, but proved to be one of the best decisions for Madison.  

“Online school was hard to get used to, but once I had the hang of it, I learned to find self-motivation and drive,” she said. “My favorite part was the high-quality education and the independence.”  

All of the skills gained through online school also proved to help Madison in her EWC courses. “Online school made my college classes much easier,” she said. “It was incredibly helpful to know how to figure things out for myself.”  

Madison also attributes her success to her teachers at WYVA. “Jamie Study, my French teacher all throughout high school, was by far the most helpful because she checked in on all my courses and always helped me if I ever needed it,” she said. “All the other teachers at WYVA were exceptionally helpful, and I thank every single one of them for all they do.”  

With her online schooling background and passion for psychology, there is no doubt that Madison will achieve her dreams. “I’ve always been intrigued by how people tick, and once I took a general psychology course, I was hooked,” she said. “I want nothing more than to study psychology—I was born to be a psychologist!”  

Madison also credits her family and teachers with helping her achieve her ambitions. “They have been entirely helpful and encouraging, and I know I couldn’t have done it without them pushing me to try harder and do as much as I could,” she said. “I owe everything to them.”

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