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Bobbi Mackenzie is a 12-year-old triple threat in the performance world! She can dance, sing, and act, all while being on the honor roll at Oregon Virtual Academy (ORVA).

Starting her professional performance career at 3-years-old, her latest act was on Broadway as Tomika for School of Rock The Musical during its premiere year.

Her agent sent in a video audition for Bobbi and about a week later they asked her to come to New York for callbacks.   From that point on it was a fast track to Tony Award winning composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber offering her the role.

“It was really really, really cool!” Bobbi said. “All the amazing people I got to work with, especially the other kids, was great and like one big family! I learned so much from the experience. My favorite memory was when one of my fellow cast members didn’t show up on stage on their call and we had to step in for them to help make the show go on smoothly, teamwork makes the dream work.”

The 6th grader wouldn’t be able to do what she loves without her triple threat of a father, manager, and learning coach- Astor Chambers.

“We knew that a traditional school environment wouldn’t work given her rehearsal and show schedule.” Astor said. “We needed something with the flexibility to allow her to continue to be successful with her education.”

Bobbi’s parents enrolled her to ORVA once her School of Rock role was secured and she had to be in New York for an extended period of time.

“It’s definitely the flexibility and the opportunity it provides the students to take responsibility of when, where and how they potentially get their work done,” Astor said. “In a traditional brick and mortar environment it’s very easy for a student to comply to when things need to get done but it takes a lot of discipline for a student to focus on getting things done when in an online school.”

Bobbi is happy to be able to still have a strong focus on her education because she believes it is a key ingredient you need to grow in this world.

“They are very flexible with my schedule and they understand what’s going on with what I’m doing,” Bobbi said. “It makes me happy to have that support.”

The flexibility and virtual nature of ORVA are the two biggest attributes to help Bobbi pursue her dreams Astor explained.

“Every morning we would wake up and tackle the school schedule for the day and right before lunch she would have her class connect session,” Astor said. “After that we would go back to school work before it was time to leave for her show. It works the same way for any jobs she gets where we schedule her schooling time around when she’s needed for the jobs, this sometimes means that she may need to do schoolwork over the weekend to make up some time.”

Bobbi has a big live performance history. So far, she has performed at the White House for Michelle Obama, performed at celebrity charity events, walked in Fashion Week in New York, sang the national anthem for multiple professional sports teams, was the youngest person to ever perform on a TEDx stage, and most recently performed solo on “The Wendy Williams Show” for the holidays.

We can’t wait to see where the stage takes her next!

“Proud is an understatement, I’m inspired and moved by her and love to see how she is already inspiring many!” Astor said.

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