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Two online school students who have beaten the odds will be headed on the path to success a little earlier than most, thanks to Insight School of Washington (ISWA).

Lexi Breda and Brianna Carlile, both 18, will both have completed all of their required courses a semester early and will be able to graduate this month, despite complicated circumstances that led them to ISWA.

Lexi’s brother competes in motocross, and with the immense amount of travel needed to accommodate his career, along with a less-than-ideal learning environment, Lexi’s education suffered before she joined him at ISWA.

“My family traveled a lot so I started missing a lot of school,” she said. “Plus, I learned much faster in some topics. Teachers were always too busy in other students’ business that it started to affect my grades.”


Lexi Breda is able to stay on track with motocross and her education.

After failing two classes in her brick and mortar school because she was not being taught in a way that fit her needs, Lexi was able to thrive at ISWA.

“After attending Insight for two years, I really got to buckle down and learn and make up class and time,” Lexi said. “ISWA definitely gives me more opportunities than ‘regular’ school.”

Brianna also had a brother enrolled in ISWA, but her decision to enroll was more personal in nature.

“When I decided to become an ISWA student, I had just entered the 10th grade and found out that I was pregnant,” she said. “I couldn’t bear being in high school with a big belly, and the people around me would easily agitate me because they weren’t aware of what was going on. So I decided to try online schooling.”

Brianna was able to not only succeed academically, but do so while setting an example for her daughter.


Brianna Carlile with her daughter and fiancé

“I wanted to show my daughter that even though I had her in high school, I still got through my schooling and went to college afterwards,” Brianna said.

It wasn’t an easy task, but with support from her teachers and advisor, Brianna was able to achieve her goal of graduating early.

“Raising a baby and taking care of the house while doing online schooling at 16 wasn’t a piece of cake,” Brianna said. “Luckily, I was motivated almost every day by my advisor, who called me every week and allowed me to talk to her whenever I was struggling or about to give up on my school. With the help of my advisor, counselor, and understanding teachers, I now have the honor of graduating early.”

After graduation, Lexi plans to attend nursing school at Bellevue College, while Brianna plans to attend Big Bend Community College while starting a career and spending time with her daughter. These two soon-to-be ISWA graduates are sparkling examples of the power of education and perseverance.

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