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Our Nation pays homage to the next generation of the American workforce and budding innovators right now as it is SkillsUSA Week, (highlighting the organization’s mission to help prepare America’s workers for careers and technical programs) as well as Career and Technical Education Awareness Month, (celebrating the value of CTE programs nationwide). Students at the K12-powered Cyber Academy of South Carolina (CASC) visited the state’s Center for Manufacturing Institute (CMI) to tour a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and get an up close look at robotics, 3D printing, mechatronics and CNC machining.


“The main goal of the event was to showcase the field of manufacturing to students and allow them to see all of the opportunities the field offers,” Nicki Batson, CASC Academic Advisor for Career and Technological Education said. “Students were able to tour the facility and see hands-on demonstrations of today’s tools used in manufacturing.”

Guest speakers stressed the importance of the hands-on skills students need after high school. “I interview hundreds of people,” Nick Johnson, a guest speaker from Bosch, said. “We need job candidates with both the education and the skills behind that education.”


In addition to their tour, students took part in several sessions held by industry experts to educate them on the “soft skills” needed in the workplace.

Corinne Davis from SkillsUSA taught students about the value of soft skills, including interviewing, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

“Successful placement in the workforce requires both technical skills necessary for job performance along with social and interpersonal skills,” Corrine said. “Soft skills help you keep a job!”


The visit to CMI brought the students a valuable field trip experience, as well as a glimpse into their possible chosen career paths. Check out footage from the event on SC News4.


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