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iCademy student Eric Beigel.

Written by Jenna Needham

Does this boy’s face seem familiar? If so, it’s probably because you noticed Eric Beigel in a Samsung Note 7 TV commercial that garnered a great deal of air-time during the Rio Olympics! Eric, and his siblings Adam and Cara, are all actors at K12 International Academy. 

Having three kids with three styles of learning and a busy work schedule makes for challenges,” said Jac Beigel, the children’s mother. “Our academic advisors and teachers have been there for us to work through the challenges, find new ways to schedule school work, and provide tools to master tough subjects via Class Connect and Skype conferences. The teachers proactively reach out if we get behind or struggle with a subject to send a motivational messages and to keep the kids moving forward academically.” 


Cara, Adam and Eric Beigel.

Jac adds her children appreciate the support they receive from their teachers, the flexibility of their schedules, and the fact that K12 International Academy makes learning fun and engaging. 

The kids have the option at the end of each school year to have a voice in the next school year. It has been unanimous for five years running that they want to continue (with K12 International Academy),” said Jac.They love to learn, their grades have improved and they are very happy with the teachers.” 

The Beigel’s two-hour a week music lessons, six-hour a week acting classes, 24 hours a month of performance training, and four hours a month of specialty training, auditions, and rehearsals are all possible thanks to their flexible school schedules. 


Check out Eric Beigel’s Samsung Note 7 commercial here!  Eric can be seen at 1:19- – and yes, that’s veteran actor and Oscar winner Christoph Waltz playing the role of Eric’s father in front of the home with red, white, and blue flags! 

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