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Georgia Cyber Academy 7th grader Sovereign Newell thrives in the world of technology. A member of the Advanced Learning program and Student Advisory Council, Sovereign also creates his own graphics and animations.  

“My favorite part about online school is I can turn on my computer and go to school online. I can learn anywhere I can connect to the internet.” 

Sovereign began showing interest in graphic design, commercials, advertisements, filmmaking, and animation when he was just 3 years old! 

“I noticed he would draw his images with a shadow and that he would create the same image on different pieces of paper,” said Sovereign’s mother, Coretta Jackson. It wasn’t until I happened to pick his art work up at the same time that I noticed he was actually drawing the image as it moved across the same scene.” 

Coretta wanted to see if Sovereign could take what he was doing on paper and transfer it to a digital space to see what he could create 

I introduced him to TuxPaint when he was five, and that’s when his passion for moving visuals became apparent,” Coretta said. Whenever he gets a new DVD, he goes to the director’s commentary so that he can learn how the characters were developed and how the animation project was completed.” 

Once Sovereign was introduced to digital tools, he mastered the features and started creating stunning visualsHe is currently on his seventh year of his creating of animations, graphic designs, and logos for other people and companies. 


Coretta has been Sovereign‘s learning coach since enrolling at GCA seven years ago.  

He’s always eager to learn new things, especially online or via an app,” Coretta said. “He likes to test and apply what he’s learned and challenges himself to recreate or duplicate wherever possibleHe is a self-directed learner who is comfortable learning on mobile devices. We feel GCA’s online format has empowered my son to learn this way. 

Sovereign even has a Youtube channel where he actively posts his workwith a current total of 75 homemade videos and over 400 subscribers.  The most recent animation he has made was the 2004-2010 DreamWorks Animation logo recreation.  Subscribers can also view some of his other creations on his channel, like his submission for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge contest, the K12 Art Contest, and an informational video on the parts of a skeleton. 

When Sovereign grows up, he aspires to be an animator, narrator, filmmaker, director and producer. This talented student is well on his way! 

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