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Written by: Jenna Needham

The spotlight is on, the camera is ready, and the focus is on California Virtual Academy (CAVA) student Abigail Lewis. Abigail is a 4th grader at CAVA who is also a professional actress! 

Abigail left brick and mortar school this year because of the demanding schedule that comes with her stardom. With all of the auditions and traveling, pursuing her acting would have been impossible if she were in a traditional school setting. When her parents looked into alternatives, CAVA seemed too good to be true. 

“We were looking for a school that not only understood her acting commitment but positively supported this endeavor,” said David Lewis, Abigail’s father. “We chose CAVA specifically because we really like the vibrant materials and thorough educational curriculum, and much of it is online. We also like the flexibility of being able to complete school around Abigail’s varied daily schedule.  More importantly, Abigail likes the program.


Though CAVA is new to Abigail, she is enjoying it tremendously.  

“I think she likes the program so much because of her assignment teacher, Mrs. Chesla, who is just fabulous and positively supportive,” said David. 

CAVA recently chose Abigail as an “Elementary All-Star” because of her commitment to the community. She volunteers for the non-profit organization KIDS FIRST! With this organization, she gets to report, review, and write about quality media for young people. Some of these reviews even make it into major news sources, such as The Huffington Post. She has also volunteered with the Los Angeles Mission, which provides fun activities and meals to families that are struggling financially. 


Abigail is all smiles next to famous singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake!

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