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“I was raised around music my entire life – my dad was a singer and a writer and my mother was a dancer that traveled the world on tours with artists.” This influence is readily apparent in the ambitions of young Chelsi Smith, whose stage name is Tyeler Reign. Smith is a student at Academy of Arts and Sciences: Thousand Oaks Simi Valley — a Fuel Education partner school — who balances 9th grade with her burgeoning music career.

Smith shares that one of best parts about being an online learner is how much time it allows for her to pursue her career. “The brick and mortar schools didn’t understand me and my schedule.”

Through online learning, however, she has found a home.

“I can get my work done whenever and wherever I want,” Smith enthuses. This allows her plenty of time for “artist development” and time to hone her musicality.

Smith’s music teacher, Mrs. Rebecca Lopez, has been a major influence both musically and academically to Reign.

“My music teacher Mrs. Lopez is amazing — she has actually taken an interest in me and what I do she allowed me to share more of my world with her which has helped me flourish with her class work.  We had a rocky start but Mrs. Lopez has become my favorite teacher ever. She allows me to be me and add my personal experiences to my class work! “

The flexibility of online learning has allowed the young artist a chance to get her education and pursue her career. Smith says that a big goal for her is to “finish school early” so she can focus on her music career even more. This ambitious young lady’s dreams don’t stop at the classroom, however. When asked where she would like to be in a decade, Reign immediately came up with a very comprehensive list, making it clear that she is obviously thinking about her future.

“10 years from now I will be 24 years old and I would like to have achieved some of my long term goals. I would like to be finishing my third world tour, hopefully be cast in a Broadway play, received at least eight Grammy’s, and have a clothing line.  I’d also really like to create a new program in the inner city for kids to have a place to go and explore the arts!“

These are no idle dreams. So far, Smith has filmed five music videos and plans to shoot six more in the next few months. She will also be filming a reality TV pilot this summer.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s skipping out on post-secondary education – Smith shares that college is a “non-negotiable” in her family.

With so many exciting things happening in the future, it seems like we’ll be hearing a lot more about Tyeler Reign in the next few years. Smith’s mother, Carence, shares that her daughter loves to “inspire other students that are just like her, to show that it is possible to pursue an education and a career in the arts at the same time.”

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