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 iQ Minnesota’s Emma H. submitted “The Art of Life,” which won Best in Show!

K12 recently announced the winners for its 11th annual art contest that was held in October. The contest received over 950 submissions of creative pieces of artwork created by K12-powered students across the country.

With the theme of “When I grow up…” the contest generated numerous impressive submissions and showed off the artistic abilities of K12-powered students.

“The submissions amazed me,” said Brittany Marklin, online community manager for Learning Liftoff. “The sheer talent and time that students put into their creations displays how gifted and talented each student is.”

The contest gave students an outlet to showcase their artistic abilities while looking forward to what their futures hold.

“It allows students to showcase their creative talents, and it allows their creativity to shine,” Brittany said. “Just saying you want to be an artist when you grow up is one thing, but to bring that dream to life in a visual concept is another.”

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