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Hanna Ross is a talented singersongwriter making a name for herself in NashvilleRoss just released her first EP, “Some Random Girl,” which includes her hit song, “Shawn Mendes.”  


At just 16-years-old, juggling a music career and the demands of school can be challengingRoss and her family turned to  International Academy (iCademy) because of the quality of education and schedule flexibility.  


“While I have concrete deadlines, I am able to learn at my own pace,” Hanna said. “Although my courses are often very demanding, iCademy allows me to make my own decisions on the time of day to study that best suits my schedule involving music. I also really appreciate having awesome teachers who take the time to get to know each of their students! 


Hanna especially enjoys her English and Literature classes. Her English teachers, especially in high school, have been very supportive and encouraging of her writing. Their feedback has enhanced her writing ability. 


“My experiences and relationships are a big part of what inspires me to write songs,” Hannah said. “Some people feel better conveying their feelings out loud or by writing in a diary but I feel best conveying my emotions through music.” 


Hanna has been a student with iCademy for 11 years and is currently in eleventh grade. Her sister also attended the online school. Hanna and her sister attended brickandmortar schools in their early years and decided enrolling in online school worked best for their family. 


“K12 has been phenomenal,” Hanna’s mother, Cynthia Ross said. “Interactions with teachers have been positiveIseventh grade, we noticed how independent the girls became, not just academically but also in real life. It was really nice,” Cynthia said. 


Hanna usually does her school work in the morning and then spends time on music, whether it’s performing or working on songs at home. She also has a YouTube channel that she is still developing with song covers from her favorite artists. 


I like thinking of my fans as acquaintances whose feelings and feedback on my music I highly value,” Hanna said. “Listeners have responded positively to the EP. My favorite feedback is when someone calls my music relatable because it makes me feel unified with my listeners and like we’re all on this journey together. 


Hanna intends to never stop working on her musicFor now, she plans to continue promoting her EP through social media and live performances. She also working to release new music next year. 


“When I’m done with high school, I plan to continue my education as well as my studies in music,” Hanna said. Creating a balance between the two will be my ultimate focus.” 

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