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Meet Zelena Hull, an emerging country rock singer/songwriter who just released her first CD, “6 Feet Under,”  and Christmas single, “I Believe,” this month.  She is currently a 10th grade student at South Carolina Virtual Charter School (SCVCS).

Eariler this week, the 15-year-old performed “I Believe” on a local morning news show, Your Carolina. Watch her last performance here.

Zelena has been with SCVCS for two years and started singing at the age of 10, after her mother took her to private piano lessons. From there, her singing career has taken off.

“That’s when I knew I could sing,” Zelena said. “I have been singing nonstop since then. I just enjoy singing for people – I sing all day every day!”

Zelena’s musical career involves traveling to different performances and interviews. The flexibility that SCVCS provides has been great for balancing work and learning her course material.

“I used to go to the local school system and soon realized that SCVCS was better for my music career,” Zelena said. “I appreciate that I can travel with SCVCS when I need to.”

Zelena has thanked her virtual school on social media often for helping her pursue her dreams. She says that she was born with music and lyrics inside of her and she has to share them with the world.

Online school permits Zelena time to write more songs and record in the studio with the help of her music coach, Dan Caston of Dan Caston Music.

“It also allows me to be more creative,” Zelena said. “When I get a song in my head I can just write it down then go back to my school work.”

After her EP was released on December 9, Zelena hosted a CD release party with fans where she signed CDs and performed songs from the track list.

“My CD release party was so much fun,” she said. “People really came out to support me beyond my expectations.”

Zelena hopes to sing in Nashville during the CMA Festival in the coming months. Fans can watch her musical performances and song covers on her YouTube channel.

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