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Learning is even better when you have a teacher who can make it really engaging. Elayna Brozovsky is an 8th grader at George Cyber Academy (GCA) who has a passion for Biology thanks to her teacher, Erica Robinson.

“Mrs. Robinson is one of the best teachers in the state!” Elayna said. “Every week I get super exited when it’s time for my Biology class because I get to learn with Mrs. Robinson and I’m so glad she is my teacher. I believe the start to a good education is a good teacher. Having a kind and helpful person to influence my life, like Mrs Robinson, has helped me to appreciate her class and teachings and the subject of science in general.”

Elayna first enrolled at GCA when she was in 4th grade and is now an Advanced Learning Class (ALP) student. The ALP program is for gifted students and requires extra work and more challenging lessons. She is in Mrs. Robinson’s 9th grade level Biology class.

“Biology is very interesting to learn about and it’s a bit on the easier side for me,” Elayna said. “I enjoy learning about life and animals, even though I can’t handle the sight of blood or guts but they limit that so far.”

Elayna appreciates Mrs. Robinson’s kindness and style of teaching. Mrs. Robinson gives the students time during the first few minutes of class to let them share with the class any exciting things happening in their lives.

“We get a chance to share with our classmates and get to know each other a bit,” Elayna said. “She lets us help her read the slides and I think this helps promote class participation. It also benefits me to read things out loud to others, this helps me remember things better.”

Elayna would like to keep in contact with Mrs. Robinson even after this school year because each year during Teacher Appreciation Week she tries to reach out to her past teachers to see how they are doing and let them know that they made a difference in her life.

“I highly enjoy Mrs. Robinson’s company and her genuine love for science and teaching shows how fun and interesting school can be!” Elayna said.

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