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Jayden Jordan may only be seven years old, but life hasn’t been easy for him. Born premature, Jayden has struggled with both speech and physical limitations, as well as severe memory problems.

This is Jayden’s first year at Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (OVCA), and since enrolling, Jayden has had the resources to thrive in his education.

Due to his issues with staying focused, his mother, Sabrena Jordan, was worried about Jayden’s ability to succeed in school. Initially, Jayden was enrolled in a local brick-and-mortar school that promised to provide extra one-on-one support in the classroom. Unfortunately, the school didn’t follow through. Jayden quickly became overwhelmed and found himself unable to follow simple instructions and was then often punished by his teacher.

Sabrena was desperate to help her son and enrolled Jayden in OVCA.  She found a safe and encouraging space for her son to learn.

“I am a stay-at-home mom now, so I decided to go with OVCA so I will know what is being taught, and when he needs breaks he can take one,” Sabrena said. “Jayden gets so much more help in OVCA than he ever did in brick-and-mortar school.”

He is now able to attend his speech therapy classes without missing school, and the flexible schedule allows him to frontload his work at the beginning of the week, when he is able to learn best. If Jayden does fall behind in a class, he has the support of his teachers, who help him catch up instead of reprimanding him.

“The curriculum is modified to fit his needs,” Sabrena said. “We can make his schedule around doctor appointments if needed. The teachers are very patient with him and very helpful.”

Not every student learns the same way, and OVCA provides the opportunity for one-on-one support from the student’s parents or learning coaches.

Sabrena is happy that her son is enjoying learning and uses his course material in everyday activities.

“We have a lot of teachable moments when we are at different places,” Sabrena said. “We are in a store and he’ll see different lines. Jayden will get so excited because we learned about the different kinds of lines he sees in art class that day. Or we learned about the weather and he sees the clouds or sees the storm and he says, ‘Mom we learned that in class today.’ It makes my heart so happy and brings tears to my eyes.”

This is the family’s first experience with a virtual school. After just a few months, Jayden is doing well in his classes and is finally excited about learning.

“I am so very thankful to all the teachers and OVCA for all their help,” Sabrena said. “This has been so very good for Jayden.”

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