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When a student’s learning environment starts to become detrimental to their health, a change must be made. That’s why Julie Grimes decided to enroll her daughter Tiffany in Cyber Academy of South Carolina (CASC).

Tiffany Grimes-Williams, a 16-year-old CASC student, was terribly bullied in her brick-and-mortar school.

“Her experience in brick-and-mortar school was horrible,” Julie said. “Kids bullied her all the time about silly things like how she did her hair, or if they did not like how she looked they would pick on her.”

The bullying greatly impacted Tiffany, leading her to self-harm and want to drop out of school. Once her mother realized this, she turned to the school for help. When no adjustments were made, Tiffany became worse. When Julie ultimately had to have Tiffany hospitalized, she knew she needed to find a different schooling option that would be a beneficial and safe environment for her daughter.

Tiffany enrolled in CASC for seventh grade and has greatly improved since.

“We needed a better opportunity for Tiffany to be able to do better in school,” Julie said. “CASC has positively impacted Tiffany in so many ways.”

Enrolling in CASC has been a life-changing experience for Tiffany. Julie has seen a great change in her and attributes that to her positive experiences with online schooling.

“She’s a different person now that she’s got K12 at her side,” Julie said. “She’s able to be fully focused on school without bullies in the background.”

CASC has also been beneficial for Tiffany, who is a mother to her one-year-old daughter, Ava. Tiffany is very thankful for the time she is able to spend with her daughter thanks to online schooling.

“The flexibility of online schooling is wonderful to where Tiffany can take care of Ava all day without having to leave and go back to brick-and-mortar school,” Julie said. “She has all day to teach her daughter things she needs to grow and gives her all the quality time for mommy/daughter bonding.”

While Tiffany once was thinking about dropping out of her brick-and-mortar school, she is now excited about her education and is looking forward to the future.

“Online schooling has been a great fit for Tiffany,” Julie said. “She can concentrate and do the work and she is more positive towards school. She used to hate school and want to drop out but since she started with CASC that has changed dramatically. She talks about graduating and going to college now and showing everyone that nothing will hold her back.”

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  1. Linda Barends

    My daughter is a beautiful young lady who’s in a public school in SC, she’s going to be14 in a couple of weeks and her story is is pretty identical to tiffanys story, she gets bullied EVERY SINGLE DAY! SHE ALSO HAS HARMED HERSELF, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! this is killing me and I feel like her spirit is gone. I need help could this possibly work for Madison?? The children are brutal and I’m out of options, Madison wants to quit school and cries all the time! Its not how a fourteen yr old should be! Please help, what do I do? How do I make it stop?


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