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This week we here at K12 are celebrating National School Choice Week (January 22-28), which gives us the chance to champion a cause that is near and dear to our hearts, the ability for parents to choose the best schooling option for their children. Throughout this week, at least 21,000 events are expected to take place in celebration of school choice across the country, including more than 35 events from our schools alone. 

As we highlight our amazing students on BloggED this week, keep in mind that it’s school choice that has allowed them the opportunity to attend a virtual school. Not all parents are able to choose what school their child will attend and may be missing out on an incredible opportunity to see them shine.

We invite you to join us in sharing why you support school choice by using the hashtag #K12supportsNSCW on your social media channels throughout the week.


Logan Moose was seen as a problem child in brick and mortar school, mostly because he was not learning in the way that fit him best. Now in third grade, he has finally found a safe environment to learn and be himself at North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA).

Logan is a kinesthetic learner which means he learns better by carrying out physical activities rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. He also has a mild case of Asperger Syndrome.

“We had lots of issues,”  Logan’s mother, Amanda said. “Logan started out in Kindergarten doing wonderfully since the learning style suited him, but in first grade he got a really hard teacher that was not accommodating to his needs. This teacher thought if Logan couldn’t follow the rules then he can’t learn and she completely segregated him from the entire class.”

After going through a another rough experience in second grade, Logan’s family decided to make a change in their son’s education. Logan is now in first school year with NCVA and he is loving its effective learning environment.

“We explained to him that we’d start doing school at home, where his classes would be on the computer,” Amanda said. “He was like ‘wait a minute, you mean, I can stand up – I can tap my pencil when I’m thinking. It’s not going to bother anyone?’ It was like a weight was lifted from his shoulders. He knows he’s in a safe place. He doesn’t have to worry about kids picking on him or getting in trouble for his natural “thinking” instincts.”

Since enrolling into NCVA, Amanda has seen a notable difference in the way her son’s educators treat him. The supportive learning environment is something they are grateful to have.

Logan is also involved with extracurricular clubs at NCVA. He is currently a member of the Lego club and is working on joining the Minecraft club, as well.

“Lego club is the best!” Logan said. “It’s so cool to learn new stuff about how the history of Legos and see all the cool stuff people have built from them. I think I have made lots of new friends with my normal classes and Lego class.”

Amanda explained that Logan’s mentality has changed in the best way. As with any parent, the happiness of her child is of the utmost importance and that fact that Logan is able to be himself while learning without a worry is what she and Logan appreciate most.



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