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Today is Election Day! The social studies department of South Carolina Virtual Charter School (SCVCS) conducted its first-ever mock election for the entire student body and the results are in!

“Mock elections give the students an opportunity to participate in the election process so they are exposed to politics before they are of age to vote,” said Christy Wood, an economics and psychology teacher at SCVCS. “It instills the importance of voting at an early age so students are more likely to do so when they are old enough.”

Mock presidential elections are a popular practice to help high school students understand the power of voting. Learning coaches and teachers were encouraged to use the mock election as a way to discuss the electoral process and importance of participating in our political system.

“Mock elections are also important so students see the results of having their voices heard,”  said Anna G. Kendrick, a government and anthropology teacher at SCVCS. “Such elections encourage good citizenship and participation, and they actively engage students in a process that they will have the opportunity to be a part of for the remainder of their lives.”

Students were asked to register to vote in the weeks leading up to the mock election and were then provided a link to vote using a survey form during the time period of November 2-4.

Some teachers found that the mock election even prepared students for future online class lessons.

“I found the mock election useful in my classes, as we’ve discussed the importance of citing our sources when debating an issue,” said Kay Chambers, a world history teacher at SCVCS. “So often students (and adults) put forth their views based on little or no real evidence or information. This mock election has been a great way to show my students the need for backing up their views and ideas with solid evidence and sources.”

Teachers shared the results with their students on Monday.  A total of 700 students participated, and Republican Donald Trump bested Democrat Hillary Clinton.  (See survey form below for exact figures.)


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