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As National Bullying Prevention month came to a close, students at Hill House Passport Academy decided to end it in a big (and fashionable) way.  

On October 26, Hill House hosted the Stomp Out Bullying Fashion show, an annual event to raise awareness about bullying.  

Students were asked to design T-shirts that reflect their thoughts on bullying. These shirts were showcased in a fashion show for students and families to see. 

“The designs reflect them stomping out bullying,” said Hill House enrollment coordinator Vanessa Boyd, who facilitated the fashion show. “They discuss bullying and the effects and then they use art to demonstrate how they feel about bullying or bullies.”  

In its second year, the entire student body participated and 10 students modeled for the show. With this event, members of Hill House hoped to encourage discussion about bullying in a creative way.  

“This engaging activity allowed students to consciously and unconsciously participate in the discussion about bullying,” Vanessa said. “The artistic designs of the T-shirts allowed the students to create a lasting image of their discussions.”


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