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Sixth grader Jackson Corum has a new perspective on school and has recently developed a spark of confidence in his abilities thanks to North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA). Jackson’s mom, Karen, attributes Jackson’s change in attitude to his virtual school.

Prior to the switch, Jackson suffered from harsh bullying at his traditional brick-and-mortar public school. “He was bullied due to his artistic and sensitive nature, including an incident where he was knocked to the ground and left with a bruise on his cheek,” Karen explained. “While there were many conversations with teachers and the principal, nothing really changed.”

Additionally, Jackson felt lost in the crowd at his previous school, lacking the individual attention he needed from teachers to learn to his fullest potential. Now in his second year with NCVA, Jackson is not only excited to learn on a daily basis, but he has also taken interest in subjects that used to leave him bored.

In one of the most difficult topics for Jackson, math, Karen has seen a significant improvement. “He’s always had a hard time in math, but now he is gaining confidence,” she said. “Jackson receives one-on-one interaction, not just with me, but with his math teacher, as well. She has been outstanding in her energy and enthusiasm when it comes to taking care of her students.”

Most importantly, Jackson now feels safe in his learning environment after enrolling at NCVA. “He feels safer and more excited about being himself in NCVA than he ever did in public school,” Karen said.

For other families in a similar situation, Karen recommends considering an online education program. “I hope that any parent who is seeking a better way to educate their child will consider a program like K12,” Karen said. “Since joining the NCVA family, I have seen my son blossom in many ways, including his attitude towards education and interest in researching subjects outside of lessons.”

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