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Georgia native Lariah Alexandria has caught the attention of the spotlight. Remarkably, at the age of 6, Lariah has already appeared in television shows and major films. In addition to her acting career, this hardworking first grader also dedicates time to modeling. 

To achieve academic success and manage her busy lifestyle, Lariah is enrolled as a full-time student with Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), an online public school. With the unique flexibility only an online school curriculum can provide, Lariah is able to focus on pursuing a career in the fast-paced acting and modeling industry.   

In addition to the flexibility, Lariah has also benefited from the academic rigor and one-on-one attention from GCA.  

“Online education has given my daughter the opportunity to focus and have individualized instruction that allows her to learn and retain information without distraction,” said Lariah’s mother, Tremeka. 

After enrolling Lariah last year, Tremeka describes working with GCA as “easy and painless,” since the staff provides continued updates and additional resources and activities for students to use. Lariah has been effectively challenged while enrolled at GCA. Tremeka has found that her daughter is always looking forward to the next class or project, especially if it relates to her favorite subject, science. 

Most importantly, Tremeka believes GCA will prepare Lariah for her future. “Lariah already had a love of science and technology before, but since being at GCA, her zeal about both areas has increased exponentially,” she said. As a result, Tremeka believes Lariah’s interest and experience with technology will greatly help her in the future as she develops a personal brand.  

As Lariah continues to succeed academically, her acting and modeling career continues to flourish. In fact, just last year Lariah achieved her dream of being in a major motion picture, as she played a role in the film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. After this achievement Lariah exclaimed, “Mommy! My dream came true! I’m in a movie!”

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