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Idaho Technical Career Academy (ITCA) senior Kathryn Falk has quite an array of accomplishments to celebrate as she looks back on her years at the K12 partner school.

Kathryn enrolled at ITCA as a freshman when the career-focused online public charter school first opened. She now graduates as a member of ITCA’s Class of 2018, the first class of students to have attended all four years of high school at ITCA.

ITCA utilizes Career Technical Education (CTE) to prepare students for success in today’s high-skilled careers by allowing them to explorer career areas of interest. Kathryn has taken full advantage of the opportunities presented to her by the business pathway at ITCA.

Throughout her high school career, Kathryn was an active participant in the Business Professionals of America (BPA) program. “My greatest accomplishment at ITCA was getting 5th place in a Business Professionals of America state competition,” she said. “Participation in BPA has been a requirement for the business pathway at ITCA since 2016. In my junior year, I participated in a web design competition and ended up placing in the top 5 for the entire state of Idaho.”

Kathryn credits her success at ITCA to the diverse courses and dedicated teachers. “I picked ITCA specifically because of its career programs. Since my sophomore year, I have been taking entrepreneurship and marketing classes. It has been a valuable opportunity for me. I’ve also had a lot of amazing teachers. I’m going to miss learning from them once I graduate.”

Thanks to ITCA, Kathryn has an incredible foundation for her future. “ITCA has helped me become more skilled with technology, which is very useful in the current world. It has also taught me how to manage my time and keep a schedule,” she said.

Following graduation, Kathryn plans to attend the College of Idaho, where she received approximately $25,000 in merit scholarships. She plans to major in art and double minor in business and creative writing.

The business classes at ITCA also inspired Kathryn. “It is very useful to have marketing skills. I would enjoy being self-employed someday and marketing skills will help me grow my business!”

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