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Val Harris, age 8, has a new perspective on school. After experiencing severe bullying at her traditional brick-and-mortar school, which resulted in poor academic performance and bad headaches, Val’s mother Brandy knew it was time for a change in her education environment.  

“Since switching to Alabama Virtual Academy, Val wakes up and is excited to work on school,” Brandy said. 

Val’s family was intrigued by the idea of an online school program after seeing a commercial on TV. This fall marks the second grader’s third year with Alabama Virtual Academy (ALVA). Enrolling in ALVA has greatly helped Val, Brandy said. “She just loves it; but most importantly, she can focus on learning instead of what the children think of her.” 

With ALVA, Val has a new perspective on her education and no longer cries at the thought of school. Her headaches have also gotten better since starting at ALVA, but thanks to the flexible schedule, she is able to rest without missing school if she does get a headache.  

Val greatly enjoys her class connects, especially those related to her favorite subject, math. Overall, her Val’s favorite part about attending school online is being able to spend time with her family.   

“My favorite part is getting to learn with my mom,” she said. 

For other families experiencing bullying, Brandy encourages considering an online curriculum. “I would recommend online school,” she said. “Val loves it and she receives the individual attention she needs. All in all, she is doing great.” 

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