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The Bixler family was looking for the right schooling option for their 5-year-old twin daughters, Peyton and Addison as they were entering kindergarten.  It had to be something that would let the girls learn from home but also have quality courses and supportive teachers.

Peyton and Addison’s mother, Renee Bixler enrolled them in South Carolina Virtual Charter School (SCVCS) right after she got off the phone with a representative, as she knew she had found the perfect solution for their academic needs.

“I wanted to cherish as much time with them as I can, since these childhood years age gone so fast,” Renee said. “As much as we wanted to homeschool, we also wanted to make sure the level of education they receive is on course with the state standards so that they won’t be at a disadvantage later. Then I found K12 and it was the perfect blend of homeschool and high educational standards.”

Peyton and Addison were born at 28 weeks due to complications from twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Peyton and Addison Bixler weren’t even supposed to survive the pregnancy.

“When they were born early we were told of all the struggles they would have and how ‘behind’ they would be, so to see them in kindergarten learning, growing and thriving first hand is something that no words could fully describe for me as their mom,” Renee said. “I am so thankful for K12 giving us the opportunity now to watch this other area of growth, academically, first hand.”

Renee and her husband are very satisfied with what SCVCS brings to the table for their daughters.

“Everything from the daily flow to the course work, to teachers and supplies are what we need and want for our kids,” Renee said. “The quality of the work is above and beyond what I expected.”

They enjoy the fact that they are able to watch their daughter’s learn and grow academically from the comfort of their own home.

“Especially this year, from the ABC song at week one to now being able to read small words and sound out longer words,” Renee said. “It’s been an amazing opportunity as a mom to participate in and facilitate that growing and learning, but without the stress of being responsible for all curriculum outlines, standards and lesson planning.”

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