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Teri Stephenson with daughter Ashley Stephenson

Written by Jenna Needham

Ashley Stephenson was like many students and went to a brick and mortar school for her primary schooling years, but she experienced chronic migraines throughout her time there.  This led to her transferring to the Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA), where her migraines became infrequent. She went from having multiple in a week to only one every few months.  Ashley believes that the migraines lessened because she was able to learn at her own pace without the high-stress environment of brick and mortar schools.

When talking about their experience with WAVA, both Ashley and her mother/learning coach, Teri, have nothing but good things to say. 

“My experience has been amazing,” Ashley said. I love that there aren’t any of the distractions from regular school and I enjoy the fun class connects. I have loved all of my teachers too!”  

“As a learning coach and parent, my experience has been great,” said Teri. I try to stay organized to make the days go smoothly for both of us. Any time I’ve come to a challenge, the teachers were there to help walk us through the problem.” 

At WAVA, Ashley even found a new passion: blogging.  WAVA offered a “How to Blog” class, and Ashley jumped at the opportunity.  She did so well that she is still maintaining her own personal nature blog, Creative Captures by Ashley.

Ashley is able to stay very active without the time restraints of brick and mortar schools.  She maintains her blog, keeps up with her school work, volunteers regularly at a local animal shelter with her family, goes hiking and swimming often, and even plays soccer with her friends. 

The Marysville, Washington resident is only in 7th grade now, but she already has big goals in mind for her future. 

“I want to go to college for business so I can own my own animal shelter,” Ashley said. I have wanted to do that for a long time. I’ve even donated money and food on my birthday instead of asking for gifts. 

Ashley is excited to pursue all of her goals and continue to excel at WAVA! 

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