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Aza L. (left) and Jayden P. (right) enhance their reading skills with the help of April Sorensen.

Much of a child’s achievement in school starts with reading. One Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA) teacher, April Sorensen, has gone above and beyond to ensure her students’ reading success. Two of Sorensen’s students, Aza L. and Jayden P., made huge reading gains after her work with the families.

Aza L.

Aza L. from Fall City, Washington, is a rising second grader at WAVA.

Shelby, Aza’s mother and learning coach, says the transition from homeschooling to WAVA has been the perfect fit for their family. “We started off homeschooling Aza in preschool and found that coming up with the lessons on our own was very time consuming and frustrating. Aza started Kindergarten with WAVA and it was a perfect fit for us. It was wonderful that we were able to work at Aza’s pace and have a resource like April.”

Shelby worked through the curriculum and suggested resources from Sorensen such as ClickN Kids phonics and other spelling websites. Sorensen began weekly reading remediation sessions with Aza. Through a combination of innovative technology and outstanding teaching, Aza’s reading improved more and more each day.

“Aza started getting through his lessons with less and less frustration and started sounding out words and reading short books. I nearly cried after he read his first page.”

Shelby was so grateful for April’s hard work and encouragement that she hopes her 5 year old daughter and rising WAVA kindergartener, Aida, will also be able to work with Sorensen next year.

Jayden P.

Jayden P., a rising second grader from Olympia, also benefitted from Sorensen’s exceptional teaching.

Jayden originally enrolled at WAVA to avoid bullying and overcrowded classrooms.Through an extra Friday reading class and fun online reading sites suggested by Sorensen, Jayden is excelling in his studies.

Jayden’s grandmother and primary learning coach Lynette shares Jayden’s joy over learning to read. “One day I was reading a book to Jayden and he said to me, ‘Let me read. I can read that.’ He was so happy, he hollered, ‘I can read! I can read!’”

Sorensen’s work with these two students demonstrates her ongoing commitment to students and their families. Sorensen commented. “The pride in Aza and Jayden’s voices makes me smile during every conference.” A great teacher, great learning coach support, and great success at Washington Virtual Academy.

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