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After being bullied by her teachers and fellow students, 13-year-old Paige Schultz found solace with online schooling at Wyoming Virtual Academy (WYVA).

Now a thriving student at WYVA, Paige can focus on her schooling rather than the problems that surrounded her.

“She is able to focus on her school without having to stress about other students, whether it’s mean students or friends who are making poor choices,” said Paige’s mother, Jaime.

Jamie decided to enroll Paige at WYVA after Paige experienced a rough patch in school.

“She had issues with other students who were picking on her, as well as teachers who were not able to accept Paige, as she prefers to dress like a boy, which opens doors for people being rude,” Jaime said. “And she has friends who were making poor choices, and the weight of their choices as well as the things she was experiencing within the school caused Paige to go into depression.”

Since enrolling in online schooling, Jaime believes that Paige has improved greatly.

“Paige does not have to face the students or teachers while attending school,” Jaime said. “Not having to face them everyday and be run down by their poor treatment has given her a new strength and has allowed her a much needed break to be able to rebuild herself and smile again.”

While overcoming bullying is a tough feat, WYVA helps Paige move on and focus on more important things, like her education and self-care.

“With WYVA I don’t have to deal with bullies all the time and I can relax more and be more myself,” Paige said. “I don’t have to be ashamed or worried or stressed. I do run into them around town, but it’s OK because I have more confidence knowing that I can walk away and really walk away.”

WYVA has many other aspects that Jaime and Paige enjoy. Jamie appreciates the ability to help Paige with her schooling and immediately know when Paige is succeeding or struggling.

“I really like having access to her entire education at my fingertips everyday,” Jaime said. “I like that I can address any educational issues like late work, unfinished assignments, and missed classes at once instead of waiting to hear from a teacher.”

Paige likes the overall quality and comfort that online schooling brings.

“I like the flexibility and I like being able to be in the comfort of my home and still attend school,” Paige said. “My teachers are nice and can be really helpful when I take the initiative to ask for help. They explain things better and make things more understandable.”

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